We had a great time at The Wonga Coup and wanted to thank all the players that came out! We heard a lot of good feedback on that one and are glad everyone had a good time.

Black Cobra, our Vietnam themed afternoon and night event is coming up in August, followed by another zombie survival event in September. Both these promise to be really fun and challenging events, very different from one another.

MGP is known for running a variety of event experiences. To help you plan out which events you’d like to hit in 2014, we’ve established a set of event categories and special notes to help orient you to the types of experience you could expect. For more information on the different categories and special notes on the events we offer, click over onto the Events tab for more details! More information on each event will appear as the date nears, as well as event Forums opening for information updates and player discussions.

Note that there may be some event additions or date shifts based on securing of interesting new locations during the year.

  SceAltSim-SmallAction-Smallnario TBD
  September 20, 2014
Waynes World of Paintball, Ocala, FL

It’s time again for another Zombie Survival event! Like our previous ones, this one will have the increased challenge of limited ammunition… increasing the desperation of survivors and making things a little less harsh when you’re in Z-mode. We’ll be doing a few new things at this event. It’ll be an afternoon and evening event… like Black Cobra… taking us into cooler hours and making it harder to spot the dead after dark! We’re also looking to have a bug-out bag competition to allow you to show of your best zombie apocalypse survival bug-out bag. Another very special element we’d like to do for this one is testing how well YOU would make it with the weapons at your disposal. We’ll be asking (honor system) that you only bring airsoft weapons equivalent to real-steel weapons you personally own. If you own a real handgun… bring an airsoft handgun. If you own three handguns and a civilian AR, bring three airsoft handguns and an AEG that you leave on semi-automatic fire only. If you don’t own any real firearms but a buddy you’re coming with to the game owns two hand-guns and a shotgun… you can use one of his “weapon credits”. We just ask that each airsoft weapon brought has an approximate, no-shit-real-world equivalent you have readily available and can snatch up and move out with in the event of a Zombie apocalypse!


  AltSim-Small Role-Play-SmallWasteland VI
   November 15, 2014
   Waynes World of Paintball, Ocala, FL

We return again to the Wasteland in this popular event series based on the FallOut games. Roam a post-apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by gangs of raiders, slavers, military orders and survivors just looking to restore civilization and eke out a life among the ruins. Faction-based with cut-throat politics and double-crosses. A bottle-cap economy runs the wasteland, which can be used to upgrade weapons, hire mercenaries, pay bribes, offer bounties and more!

Pax Arcadia Small

  PNational-Smallax Action-SmallArcMilSim-Smalladia
  December 6-7, 2014
  Guardian Center, Perry, GA

We return to one of the most remarkable MOUT sites in the South-East for the first weekend in December! Two-days (overnight break – not continuous play) among over 50 buildings in this fantastic facility. Launching the first event in the Bello Regum campaign concept, an alternate milsim setting providing more scenario options and a unique background setting. Visit the Bello Regum campaign page and the Pax Arcadia information page for more information!

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