We had a great time at our Aztec Serpent event in March and wanted to thank all the players that came out! We heard a lot of good feedback on that one and are glad everyone had a good time.

The Wonga Coup is coming up in mid-June, followed soon after by our Vietnam-themed night game, Black Cobra  taking place in August. Both these promise to be really fun and challenging events, very different from one another. We are also very pleased to announce that our Demo games will be returning during 2014 as well!

MGP is known for running a variety of event experiences. To help you plan out which events you’d like to hit in 2014, we’ve established a set of event categories and special notes to help orient you to the types of experience you could expect. For more information on the different categories and special notes on the events we offer, click over onto the Events tab for more details! More information on each event will appear as the date nears, as well as event Forums opening for information updates and player discussions.

Note that there may be some event additions or date shifts based on securing of interesting new locations during the year.

MilSim-Small Training-Small National-SmallPoseidon Spear
Mobile, AL

We had some bad news from Naval Research Labs regarding Poseidon Spear. Good news for the Joint Maritime Test Facility… but not for the April event. The testing facility has been given a lot more test funding from the Federal government and picked up some third party testing contracts. A number of product and equipment tests are being prepped now, which is bringing some much needed cash to the testing facility and helping to evaluate and field-test some new fire suppression materials, chemicals and fire-fighting techniques. The bad news is some of the test structures that are being erected in the ship will be there throughout the spring and summer months and that apparently there are going to be some tests involving pretty toxic materials. NRL is concerned about civilians and non-firefighting/EMS personnel operating in the environment during the coming months as a result of both some of the test constructs and chemicals/materials being burned in much of the ship during these tests. They have asked us to stand down from the event. We’ll keep everyone updated on new site developments or the option of securing the ex-USS Shadwell in FY 15.

MilSim-Small Action-SmallThe Wonga Coup
June 14, 2014
Waynes World of Paintball, FL

Inspired by actual events in 2004, this scenario portrays an attempted coup of Equatorial Guinea by a mercenary army in order to reinstate the former President. Bankrolled by an eclectic assembly of businessmen and adventurers, the coup is driven to seize control and production rights of Equatorial Guinea’s rapidly expanding oil-fields and refineries. But the government of this tiny, west African nation isn’t going down without a fight, and it may have bigger friends who can come to its aid to help preserve stability in the region and the interests of current oil companies.

MilSim-Small Action-SmallBlack Cobra
August 9, 2014
Waynes World of Paintball, Ocala, FL

Our first Vietnam war event in a couple of years, Black Cobra is going to be a unique MilSim experience that’s all about old-school patrols and night operations. We’ve set this on a full-moon weekend and the game will be starting, not in the morning, but in the late afternoon. US Forces will have an opportunity to establish their fire-bases and perimeters in the afternoon and twilight hours under the watchful eyes of Charlie. But after the sun sets… the night belongs to the VC! Contemporary patterns such as MultiCam or MarPat will not be included among the uniform options for this event, which will be limited to Olive Drab, Tiger Stripe, Woodland, Black and Khaki/Coyote. Weapons may be of a contemporary design, but we ask that they be stripped of tac-lights, lasers and optics. No night vision at this event… old school night patrols beneath a full moon and jungle canopy.

MilSim-Small Action-Small National-SmallScenario TBA
October 11-12, 2014
Guardian Center, Perry, GA

We return to one of the most remarkable MOUT sites in the South-East for Columbus Day weekend! Two-days (overnight break – not continuous play) among over 50 buildings in this fantastic facility. Bringing in experience and facility lessons learned from 2013, this is an event you’ll not want to miss! All new scenario and setting currently in the works, TBA soon!

AltSim-Small Role-Play-SmallWasteland VI
November 15, 2014
Waynes World of Paintball, Ocala, FL

We return again to the Wasteland in this popular event series based on the FallOut games. Roam a post-apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by gangs of raiders, slavers, military orders and survivors just looking to restore civilization and eke out a life among the ruins. Faction-based with cut-throat politics and double-crosses. A bottle-cap economy runs the wasteland, which can be used to upgrade weapons, hire mercenaries, pay bribes, offer bounties and more!

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